Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Go to Camp Like It's My Job

So, basically I get to go to camp for 7 weeks, and I get paid for it. Yeah, it's awesome. I went to this camp 6 or 7 times as a kid, and I really enjoyed it.

But now I love it.


Because I work here now.

The people I work with are fantastic. They've become friends and brothers and sisters to me in just the few short weeks I've been here. I love spending time with them, and I admire something about each one of them.

Also, I am in the athletics department, which means every afternoon I get to help run fun games for the kids: soccer, kickball, SPUD, archery, volleyball, basketball, etc. It's like field day every day! I love to run around playing games with kids, so that's always fun!

And it should go without saying, but I love the kids. This was my first week as a counselor, and I have six 5th grade girls in my cabin. They are so much fun and absolutely hilarious! They make me laugh until I cry. We made up a rap, we play ridiculous games, and we like to share our favorite Bible verses! I am going to miss them so much when they leave.

I've gotten the opportunity to serve doing so many of the things I love. I sing on one of the worship teams for chapel a few times per week, and I really enjoy it! I haven't really led worship in a long time. I just love seeing it from that perspective. It makes me so happy to see people worshipping. Also, it's camp tradition that the counselors put on an on-going skit each night for the campers. We're basically Christian super heroes who save the world. That is also a lot of fun.

Leading devotions for the 9-year-olds in my cabin has been a bit of a challenge. I've lead devos before, but sometimes it's hard for me to remember what it's like to be that age. I don't want to bore them to death, and I want to talk about things that apply to their lives. But hey, at least I don't have to do work through it on my own strength.

Sure, I don't really like getting up super early and having a midnight curfew. Sometimes I'm a little tired or whatnot. But hey, it's camp right? I might eventually have an uncooperative cabin or a difficult week. But it's been so awesome so far.

Prayers are still appreciated though!
1. That the campers' hearts would be opened to learning God's truth...
2. That the staff would be open to learning as well...
3. And that none of us would become weary in well-doing...


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