Saturday, June 4, 2011

Why do we live for yesterday when it's the only thing we can't change?

Life's a game? No, it's a story to be told,
We're to go on if we're young or old,
What's the point of living if we're not awake?
Pay attention my friend—that's the point I make.

Time marches on pushing you from the past
You don't have to get away—the pain won't last
Why do we live for yesterday when
It's the only thing we can't change again?

They say "compared to what" when they hear life's brief
But I've heard eternity's long—I mean good grief
Do you remember when time began?
No, you don't, cause you weren't there, man.

But hear me when I say you'll be there at the end
It could be in the future or just around the bend
But you'll be there whether you die or live—
Just remember that only God can forgive

Can you see the finish line?
I can't and I'm feeling fine
It's hard to keep running when you can't see the end
That's why everyone needs a light and a Friend

Just keep running. Keep running. And if you're not, get going.

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