Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tomorrow's Grand Adventure

Tomorrow I'm leaving.

And I'm NEVER coming back.

Just kidding. By "never," I mean I'm not coming back for seven weeks. That's because I'll be camp-counseloring (yes, I made up that hyphenated word) 8 hours away from where I live.

I'll be back for one week at the end of the summer so I can go to a bunch of appointments, pack for college, get some rest, and hang out with some friends. :)

I've never been a camp counselor. Well, I worked at a day camp once, but that was 20 minutes from my house. That's totally different! Interestingly enough, I went to this camp as a camper more times than I can count.

I've never been away from home in the summertime for more than a week. As I mentioned in this post, I won't even be home for my own birthday, for the first time in 15 years. Summer birthday—you know how it is. Good ol' June 23rd—I'll be 20! Can you believe it!? I feel so ancient. Seems like just yesterday I was excited to turn 16.

But anyway, the way I see it, I'm going to summer college. I'll eat in a cafeteria, just like I do at college. I'll live in a dorm-ish thing. I'll get up early. I'll stay up late. There will be bonfires. (Yes, I frequently make bonfires at school.) I'll go to church and chapel a lot. There will be lots of games and kids and tight schedules and work and community bathrooms and no transportation anywhere. But no classes... which I'm not complaining about.

Well, this will be an adventure!


  1. Enjoy it! I worked at a camp for 9 weeks last summer and I really miss it this summer. It was an experience I'll never forget and I'm sure you won't either. Have sooooo much fun!!

  2. Thanks Maria! I'll be here for about 7 1/2 weeks. It's been great so far! Hopefully I'll blog about it soon haha. :)