Wednesday, May 11, 2011

“The World Keeps on Turning”

When the world keeps turning, and you’re watching the colors blur by
And you’re trying stay standing but they tell you to fly—
Remember time is a burning candle rapidly burning the wick,
And opportunities will leave you standing if you fail to be quick.

Toes at the edge, maelstrom of whirling angry lights below...
Don’t look behind; if not forward, where will you go?
And a voice whispers “Jump, there’s not a moment to lose!”
By you just stand there, watching the colorful hues.

Scenes from your life are all about you, some you love,
Some you don’t remember; others you’re ashamed of.
People from the old days replay sad scenes from past years,
But they don’t know your eyes are filled with tears.

“I should have warned you… you were supposed to know!”
But your shouts prevent nothing and are lost in the flow.
These memories are like watching a movie scene…
Because your shouts will change nothing on the screen.

Your toes grip the side, and your stomach gives a lurch.
It’s possible to hold on longer, to stay on this perch.
All this time you’ve been watching the colors fly…
But you haven’t turned around, and you don’t know why.

You whip your head to the left and look behind,
And your eyes grow wide with the nothing that you find
It’s dark, and black, and dead, and cold.
It’s quiet, and nothing, and no one, and old.

It’s your past, and you can’t go back there.
You turn back around and break the stare.
The world keeps on turning, and the colors fly by
And everyone in the world keeps whispering: “Fly.”

Gripping your fists at your sides and closing your eyes
You’re still sure that to go forward would be your demise.
The colors don’t stop their swirling and whipping…
Your feet start pushing forward and your body’s tipping.

With a final burst of energy, you decide to leap,
And in a moment you fall downwards like a dream in sleep.
The world spins because you run against it, and that’s why
You never have to fall if you just decide to fly.

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