Saturday, May 28, 2011


Blogs are pretty cool. As I said in this post, I like reading people's blogs to get an idea of their perspectives on life. People have been blogging officially since approximately 1994. However, I've noticed a recent increase in the number of my friends who have created blogs.

One of my favorite blogs is Jane's. She's so creative, and her posts are always interesting.
I also like Sam's blog. It has some pretty sweet photography!
Also Laura's writing. She has some great stories and insights!
And Brian's blog. He's hilarious, and plus he's got some really good artwork.
Oh, and Amber's blog. She is witty and smart. I love her writing!

Some of my friends have recently started writing blogs, and I'm enjoying reading their posts!

Maria's Musings
Lambs Among Wolves

There are definitely others, but those are the ones that I'm thinking of right now. You should definitely read some of their stuff!

As a sidenote:

Isn't that adorable? Kittens are so cute.

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