Monday, May 9, 2011

I Was Legend

Yesterday I felt like Will Smith. I took a walk around Asbury’s campus, and it was dead silent. I didn’t see anyone I knew, and everything was absolutely still. The weather seemed unconcerned with this fact; it was 75 degrees and sunny, the light breeze carrying leading me up one hill and down the next. I saw a rabbit wandering about, and I avoided several (flocks?) of hornets that blocked my path. I would have killed some of the hornets with my shoe, just for disturbing my journey, but I didn’t want to stop.

Last year I dreaded leaving Asbury for the summer, and the past few weeks haven't been any different. I'm that weird kid who doesn't really want summer to come. However, while I was walking, something was different. Asbury was like a motionless puppet or a television turned off. There were no people, because almost everyone had left to accomplish something different over the summer. Even the people here were nowhere to be found and were off working on something new. The people make Asbury come to life, and right then, the university was asleep.

I didn't want to wake the campus, so I didn't make a sound. It was a little eerie, actually. I saw a few birds and even a rabbit, and at one point I expected to see a flock of antelope or a pack of lions. I was glad that I wasn't really Will Smith, and zombies were not, in fact, going to fly ravenously out of CPO to devour me, before shrinking away from the light and back into the shadows.

I went back to my dwelling place, satisfied with my short journey. Yes, I'll miss Asbury and everyone who goes there. But it will wait for us to return. Asbury will wait for me for more adventures in the fall. But now it's time for other travels. Until then, Asbury.

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