Sunday, May 22, 2011

BMX, Broadway, and Blacksmiths

Everyone thinks they have the coolest friends.

I think my friends are the coolest, too, but they're also very talented. In fact, I have such a collection of talented friends it's kind of ridiculous.

One of my friends...

...speaks Chinese.

...created an app for Apple. a blacksmith, good enough to be professional.

...speaks four languages.

...was a professional BMX competitor. a published author. a perfect score on the SAT.

...was a model.

...has been in a movie.

...has met the President (Okay, I guess that's not really a talent, but it's still cool.)

...can make a delicious meal out of four ingredients. called back to broadway auditions.

Also, one of my best friend's cousins plays soccer for Manchester United. I feel like that should count.

And that's not all, either. But I'll have to brag about the rest of them in a different post since I can't think of any more right now.

What's my point? Well, do I have to have one? My friends are super awesome. That's all.

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