Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What If

Awhile ago I wrote the post "What if No One Ever Slept?" I sometimes think about the world as it is now and wonder what it would be like if it were different.

What if your pets could talk to you?

What if people could fly?

What if some people were born with green, blue, or purple hair?

What if no one ever died?

What if you had a third arm?

What if cows took over the world?

What if time travel were possible?

What if you could fan a book's pages once and learn everything within it?

What if we could all read each other's minds?

What if no one ever aged past 25?

What if you were kidnapped by aliens?

What if you could yell loud enough for anyone in the world to hear you?

What if newborn babies could talk?

What if we could see more colors in the color spectrum?

What if teachers and doctors were paid as much as professional athletes?

Wut iff ev-ry werd wuz spelled like it sownds?

What if you could run forever without getting tired?

What if you never forgot anything?

What if no one ever lied?

What if the characters in a movie escaped into the real world?

What if nightmares came true?

What if we didn't have eyebrows?


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