Sunday, May 8, 2011

What hath God wrought?

I’m long-winded. Often while I’m wandering along my merry way, I think of something to say that exceeds the number of allowed characters for a tweet or facebook status, but doesn’t really merit a note.
When I’m writing a facebook status, the little message pops up that says, “I’m sorry. You are simply unable to consolidate your verbage down a feasible number of words for a normal facebook status. Would you like to make your idle ramblings into a note?”
The answer is usually no. So here, my friends, is my attempt at a blog.
I’ll muse about coincidences, funny experiences, dreams, and anything interesting that comes to mind. They call me scooter girl, grammar Nazi, and one with ridiculous laugh. I am all of those things. And now I have a blog.

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