Saturday, December 31, 2011

Life is funny. So It's Okay to Laugh at it.

It's New Year's Eve. So of course people expect me to make a list of resolutions. Well, let me just say that I've never really made a list like that. I have goals, but generally they are goals for the day, goals in the near future, or life goals. Not goals for the year. The reason behind this is that January 1st isn't the only beginning to the New Year.

That's because a new year begins every single day. January 17th? It begins a new year. March 3rd? New year. July 6th? New year.

For example, September 18th 2011 to September 18 2012 will be a full year. I don't like to think of things in terms of years from January 1st to December 31st, because your defining moment could be at any time. You should be living your life with the same attitude and intensity regardless of what point in the year it is. Some people appreciate the New Year's because they think of it as a new start—but I believe every time you get up in the morning it's a new start. Think of every day as the end of a year, a segment of your life, and the beginning of another one.

I told a friend of mine at the end of the summer that 2009 was the best year of my life—up until that point. 2009 I graduated from high school, had an awesome job in the summer, and went to my university in the fall, which I absolutely loved. However, 2010 left 2009 in the dust and soon became my favorite year. And, of course, 2011 did not disappoint either, since it has now taken the place of the previous two as the best year of my life.

I've found that time enjoyed is never time wasted. And I've also found that we should strive to use time wisely rather than avoiding wasting it. So here's to 2012, another chance to live, to love, and to laugh. Laughing is very important. I laugh all the time, and I believe it can heal a person in a way nothing else can.

These are great. If you don't find any of these funny, I'm sorry but you and I can't be friends.

When people say "Think outside the box" to me, I always respond by saying: "What box?"

Happy New Year, everyone! May your days be filled with blessings and laughter.

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