Friday, May 11, 2012

Scare-able Katie and the Bushman Throwback in Target

Okay, that was long title. But anyway, my sister Katie is very scare-able. Maybe that's because my mom has always taken great delight in jumping out at us any chance she gets. In past years she has hidden behind trash cans, in the shed, under beds—anywhere. Don't worry; we get her back sometimes. But those are entirely different stories.

Bottom line is, my sister gets startled very easily. Five years ago when my family and I were in California, we walked the streets of San Francisco for the experience of hearing the the street performers sing, seeing them make awesome paintings and likenesses of passersby, and even observing some break dancers. They were all talented and entertaining, and they all placed a can or bucket or some sort out in the open so observers could make donations.

The most interesting money-making-street-livin'-dude we came across is actually considered by some to actually be a tourist attraction. The guy has really made it into some pamphlets and websites about vacationing to California. They say: "If you go to California, you have got to meet the Bush Man."

He's real. Trust me. I've seen him with my own two eyes.

Yeah, we were all walkin' along the walkway when suddenly, through some harmless looking branches along the path, sprung the Bush Man, yelling, "ROAARRRR!" He jumped right into my sister's path of travel, and boy did she scream! I laughed so hard, because she had gotten the brunt of the scare, and my mom, of course, thought it was hilarious.

That's really how the guy earns money. He hides behind some eucalyptus branches and jumps out to scare people. They pay him because it's so darn hilarious to see people scared out of their minds. He's been doing this since 1980. It's for real. Check it out.

But anyway, the other day my sister and I were at Target. You know, just killing some time waiting for our dollar movie to start.

We were walking down one of the main aisles when all of a sudden, this girl jumps out of one of the aisles yelling, "BOOOooo!!" And of course Katie shrieked.

I started cracking up. The girl's two friends, the ones she was actually trying to startle, didn't even seem fazed, but they gave her a really hard time for scaring my sister.

"Girl, that is how you end up on twitter!" one of them said.
"Yeah, see you scared that poor girl? Just look at her!"

The girl who had done the scaring apologized profusely to Katie, saying she hadn't meant to scare her. I told the girl I was going to write a blog post about her.

But I didn't tell her that the experience reminded me of the Bush Man. Heh.

Katie always seems to be the one to get scared. I was just a little startled when she started screaming bloody murder in the middle of Target. But other than that, I was unfazed. Ohhh Katie.

On a totally unrelated note, I'm more than a little obsessed with California. I want to go back.

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