Saturday, May 12, 2012

Life is a Lot Like Taking a Class

1. Sometimes the answer is so simple you don't even have to finish reading the question.

2. Sometimes you have to make a quick decision because you're running out of time.

3. Usually your gut feeling is right.

4. When you're losing hope, remember the Teacher is always quiet during the test.

5. If you ask the wrong person for help/advice, you end up failing.

6. It's always best just to ask the Teacher.

7. Knowledge is power.

8. You might be confused for a long time and suddenly have an "aha!" moment.

9. At times it may seem unfair that the person next to you doesn't try and still does better than you.

10. A lot of the work seems pointless.

11. You lose some sleep over it.

12. At times it's a group project.

13. Sometimes you can't choose your (family) group members.

14. Sometimes you CAN choose your (friends) group members.

15. If you get it wrong the first time, occasionally you're lucky enough to get a retest.

16. You can't trust just anyone to take notes for you while you're sick.

17. It's important to have the right Book.

18. Even if it doesn't seem fair right now, it usually comes out in the wash.

19. It doesn't last forever, even if it seems like it.

20. Occasionally you have to sit next to someone you don't like.

21. Friends make it endurable when it's difficult or insufferably boring.

22. Some days it doesn't make sense at all.

23. It's too difficult, so you hope for a break. Then it's so easy you get bored.

24. The Teacher wants his students to succeed.

25. If you have a good attitude and work hard, things will go better for you.