Monday, November 14, 2011

Things That Drive Me Crazy

Although these are all legitimately things that really annoy me, this list is for entertainment purposes only. Also, these are in no particular order.

50 things that annoy me:

1. People who don't wash their hands after using the bathroom.
2. When it rains, and I don't have an umbrella.
3. Itchy bug bites.
4. Teachers who call on me when I didn't raise my hand.
5. My alarm clock.
6. Sticky fingers.
7. Movies with stupid or cliffhanger endings.
8. When people spell "losing" like this: "loosing."
9. When girls wear leggings as pants.
10. Feeling sick to my stomach.
11. When tests have a bunch of questions that weren't in the book and that the teacher didn't cover in class.
12. Gross profanity.
13. Mean people.
14. Guys who pick on younger/smaller guys.
15. Parents who are mean to their children or don't parent at all.
16. Those stupid little 100 calorie cookie bags that have like four one-inch diameter cookies in them.
17. People without backbones.
18. When I run out of hairties.
19. When I drop my toothbrush on the ground.
20. When people won't shut up while I'm trying to sleep.
21. Getting up early.
22. When the stupid iron stains my clothes.
23. When people put their shoes on other people's furniture.
24. When my nose is running.
25. Sunburn.
26. Bad grammar.
27. Bosses/teachers who insist you do things their way, which the the hard way/wrong way that takes forever.
28. Being in a group with a bunch of people who don't care for a group project.
29. When I put on an outfit and later discover it has a stain on it.
30. People who pee on the seat and don't wipe it off.
31. People who leave hair on the sink. We're in college. Clean it up.
32. When people play loud music/talk loudly in the morning.
33. When I'm stuck next to a smoker and can't stop coughing.
34. Stupid drivers that pull in front of me or won't drive the speed limit.
35. People who think abortion is acceptable.
36. Disgustingly inappropriate clothing.
37. When I forget things.
38. When teachers mark grammar things wrong on my papers that aren't actually wrong.
39. When I sit on my sunglasses and break them. (Yes, this has happened multiple times.)
40. When I step in gum.
41. When people cough without covering their mouth.
42. People who cheat/plagiarize on tests/papers/assignments.
43. Being unable to remember what I was going to say.
44. Pointless assignments that are just a waste of time.
45. When I try to clean a window and realize the smudge is on the outside.
46. Split ends in my hair.
47. People who talk incessantly during church or performances. Shut up. You're rude.
48. Having to go to the bathroom when there's nowhere to go.
49. Asking someone to repeat themselves like three times and still not understanding them.
50. When the character I liked dies.

More to come. Wow. I could come up with so many more...

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