Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Life is on Repeat!

Life is on repeat!
Running up a mountain forever. Never getting to the top.
Stop on a carpet and it pulls from under your feet.
Chase the wind and you can't catch it
Chase anything and you'll just tire.

Life is on repeat!
Run though you may
You'll run in circles and find the same things
Run in patterns and find the same people
You're crazy and should have stayed at home.

Life is on repeat!
Here we go again. You're stupid enough to walk ahead.
And this happens againagainagain.
Can't we learn the first time?
Can't we learn the game?

Life is on repeat!
Running up a mountain forever
Does this sound familiar?
Because it is.
Beaten by the same people.

Life is on repeat!
The people point and laugh
Sunrise, sunset.
Running, running, still faster.
But lose, always.

Life is on repeat!
It's like a hamster wheel!
Round and round goes the world
And your life, too.
And your life, too.

Life is on repeat!
No escape.

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