Monday, November 7, 2011

Things I Wish(ed)

A list of things I've wished for throughout the years:
(This is by no means an exhaustive list. And it's only for entertainment purposes:)

When I was one:
I wished I was taller.

When I was two:
I wished I could eat ice cream and/or chocolate cake every day.

When I was seven:
I wished I could write a world-famous novel.

When I was nine:
I wished I could fly.

When I was ten:
I wished I could stay up late all the time.

When I was twelve:
I wished I was better at things.

When I was thirteen:
I wished I was smarter and could read minds.

When I was fourteen:
I wished I had a laptop.

When I was fifteen:
I wished the people around me weren't upset and worried.

When I was sixteen:
I wished I wasn't upset and worried.

When I was seventeen:
I wished I could build a time machine.

When I was eighteen:
I wished I had a money tree.

When I was nineteen:
I wished decisions were easier to make.

When I was twenty:
I wished for opportunities to do awesome stuff and make a difference in the world.

Funny how pretty much nothing has changed.

I still wish for all of those things, although some aren't as much of a problem as they used to be. Also, I'm happier now. Wishing is fine. But I'm happy with how things are. :)

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