Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Return of Scooter Girl

Some people at my university call me Scooter Girl. Since my sophomore year of college, I've ridden a scooter everywhere. My first scooter broke, so I got a better one for my 20th birthday two summers ago.

Scooter 2.0 served me well for junior year, but somewhere along the line, it broke. Near the beginning of senior year this fall semester, my friend repaired it for me. However, Scooter 2.0 was simply worn out. I wasn't surprised since I used it so much.

That presented a problem. I had one more semester of college left and no scooter. The other day my family and I went to our friend's house to hang out. We hadn't seen them in a year. I mentioned my conundrum offhandedly, and it turned out they had an extra scooter in their garage.

A Razor Scooter!

They donated it to me so I could be Scooter Girl for my last semester. SO EXCITED.

It's going to be a great semester. :)

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