Sunday, August 5, 2012

London Jargon

If you ever go to London, this post will give you a heads up about what in the world everyone is talking about. It's not like going to China where people speak, um, Chinese, but Londoners do have their own little jargon that travelers have to get used to.

1. "The tube." That means the underground, the trains, the transport system, whatever. Not noodles or floatation devices.

2. "Trainers." This is what they call sneakers.

3. "Cheers." They say this to mean thanks, hey, good morning, excuse me, well said, I agree, or pretty much whatever the heck they want it to mean.

4. "Pudding." This is a blanket term for any type of dessert.

5. "Chips." This means French fries.

6. "Tap." They often refer to water as tap.

7. "Fanta." A type of orange carbonated drink everyone seems to be obsessed with.

8. "I'd be keen." Meaning I want to do that, sounds like a good idea, etc.

9. "Bin bag." Trash bag.

10. "Rubbish." Usually means trash, but can also mean stupid, ridiculous, unbelievable.

11. "Queue." I've heard many use this one instead of "line."

12. "Mates." Friends.

13. "Bloke." Man.

14. "Trousers." Pants.

15. "Pants." Underwear. Remember this one.

16. "Uni." University.

17. "Lift." Elevator.

18. "You all right?" They aren't asking if you're okay. To them, it's like saying, "What's up?"

19. "Have a go." Give it a try.

20. "Loo, toilet." Bathroom. To my surprise, I have yet to hear anyone call it a water closet.

21. "Corridor." Sometimes they call hallways corridors. I think I'm going to start asking people at college which corridor they live on. Because it sounds awesome.

22. "Way out." Most of their signs say that instead of exit.

More random phrases and facts to come! Stay tuned!

As a side note, I'm still having a blast. Check out this shenanigan. I saw it the other day when I went for a walk with my future roomie!

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