Thursday, September 29, 2011

Important Questions in Life

There are so many things I don't understand.

Why do some people have two different colored eyes?

Why would anyone want a tarantula as a pet?

Why are some people serial killers?

What makes people become insane?

Why are all desks so uncomfortable?

Are there aliens?

Why do people say it's nice to have a "good cry?" I hate crying; it makes me feel horrible.

Why do some people think it's even remotely okay to murder a baby before it is born?

Why would anyone want to drink something that will skew your thought process and make you more likely to do stupid/dangerous things?

Why do people go tanning when there are numerous proofs that it causes skin cancer?

Why would anyone leave a baby in a hot car, even for a second?

Since when is it a good idea to try to survive in a barrel going over Niagara Falls?

Why would anyone worship Satan?

Why don't some people wash their hands after going to the bathroom?

Why would you ever leave your house/car unlocked? Call me paranoid, but it's just not worth it.

Why would anyone buy cigarettes/drugs/alcohol for minors?

Why do mothers purposefully put their children in the same vicinity as other children who have Chicken Pox so that they'll get it, too?

Why do parents let their children whine and complain and give them everything they want?

Why would anyone adopt a pet and then starve or abuse it?

Why in the world would anyone put used gum under a desk? Disgusting.

How in the world do some cultures think it's okay for men to beat their wives?

Why do some people think swearing is cool?

Why do some people dislike ice cream?

Why would anyone make a list of questions on a blog?

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