Thursday, June 6, 2013

Say No to Drugs - But Seriously

As kids, we like to build sandcastles, invent imaginary stories of great creatures and heroes, eat dessert, play games outside/inside, go to friends' birthday parties, and spend time with family. At least, that's what I liked to do.

It seems like people just aren't creative anymore. I'm not going to discuss the idea that "kids these days" watch too much TV and play too many videos games—not because I don't think that but because I'm not a parent. What I'm talking about here is people my age.

If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone between the ages of 16 and 25 say, "Well, there's not really anything to do in this town," I'd have a lot of money. I don't think there's much to do anywhere if you're not creative.

Honestly, I like doing pretty much the same things now that I liked when I was in elementary school: writing stories, making/eating good food, reading, playing sports/games, going to parties, and hanging out with people I love. (To name a few things). And yes, I still build sandcastles at the beach, and when my college friends and I went to Florida over spring break, we built a sandcastle fit for royalty.

My school was in a small town. What did we do for fun? We explored the creek, went swing dancing, released Tangled-esque lanterns off a cliff in the middle of the night, went stargazing, watched sports games, made food together, and visited the rope swing. We had a BLAST.  Sure, there were times that we all gathered together to watch a movie (usually preceded by a good meal), and that's fine, but we were creative.

One of my friends said the other day that all young adults do for fun these days is drink, do drugs, and have illegitimate children. I thought that was really depressing. It's probably because they've forgotten what they liked to do when they were kids. As always, I'm not trying to condemn anyone here. But put down the drugs, and let's play basketball, eat cake, or build a sandcastle. Your choice.


  1. I say we should build a sandcastle
    From Clifford

  2. Haha... I miss you, Clifford. We can totally build a sandcastle when I get back in August. (I'm guessing there's sand at the gorge?) :)

  3. Melissa! I admire that you know how to work hard, play hard. You also sorta make me wish I'd grown up with you :)

  4. Thanks, Eliana. That means a lot! :) Well, you kind of did—sorta. Think of this: You've known me for longer than any of my college friends.